Which PSU to buy?

I've spent my entire day off trying to get the penultimate part for my 1st PC build. However, I'm still confused. I just want one that doesn't have a coil whine but it seems like all these models have reviews or reports of coil whine so I'm completely confused on which to buy. I don't understand if the coil whine is due to the KM3 models. It's also confusing when looking up reviews because the X series models are updated, however a lot of the reviews are for the previous generation. I'm just looking for any guidance that can be provided. All of the below mentioned models are in my price range.

Here's the list I've got:

Seasonic two models:

X series
Platinum Series

Corsair AX series:

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    Get the X750. That should be the "sweet spot" for most systems because a PSU is most efficient at around 40-50% load. An average gaming system with a 3570K and a mid-high end GPU will eat up about 300-400W so your PSU shoudl be very efficient around those loads. Mind I ask you why you need so much wattage?
  2. I guess I'm worried about all the negative comments I've heard about the new models. It seems a lot of them have that coil whine.

    Well, I want to leave room in case I want to upgrade to SLI. I don't need that much power. However, from what information I've found, there is no detriment in having a 750 watt and only using 400 watts (other than the purchasing price).

    I would appreciate personal experiences with any models listed, or not listed here.
  3. I've been very happy with my Silverstone Strider Gold - quiet - haven't even thought much about it - that's a good thing.
  4. Corsair all the way!
  5. Did you notice the psu I linked fared better than your Corsair on JonnyGuru's - not that he is the end all be all. Corsair & Seasonic, Antec... are not the only places to find quality power.
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