GTX 560 Ti extremely low benchmarks

I have finally pieced together my new rig, opting for an i7-3770K coupled with a Gigabyte mobo. I had a EVGA GTX 560 Ti graphics card which I had in my existing computer and brought over to the "new" rig. I ran 3DMark11 to see what my gain was from my previous setup, expecting to see monumental leaps in both my CPU numbers and my GPU numbers. The 560 Ti was previously running on a mobo that did not support PCI-E 2.0, only 1.0 so I expected the increase to be quite a lot, esp after reading Tom's review on the site. My CPU leap was impressive as I expected, my GPU shocked me... in a bad way.,2845-5.html

After I loaded all the drivers, did all my Windows updates, and ran 3DMark11 and this is what I came up with...

Something is amiss. I do not know where to start. In all the tests where my FPS should have been between 18-23, I was sitting between 6-10. As you can see from the score of 1376 for a graphics score, something doesnt look right where it should be almost twice that.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. What's your power supply?
  2. Thermaltake Black Widow 850W TR2 RX.

    Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H.

    Maybe I am using the wrong power cable? Underpowered?
  3. What drivers are you using? I recommend stick with 295.73 or 296.10 drivers for now... at least is what I use with my 560 TI... And see the GPU usage with MSI afterburner.
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    hmm i think i see you problem. That link from the Tom site is benched under the "Performance" preset, where your cards results were benched under the "extreme" preset which is much more PC intensive. Try running the test in Performance preset and then compare you score with the score on the tom's bench page.
  5. I agree with cromat. You're running it at different settings than tom's benchmark. I'd use Performance preset. On it, my GTX 560 Ti scored P5644 score (5395 graphics score) ;).
  6. yep well iam running SLI and not far away (both my cards at 960mhz) core clock from your single card sunius, total score was P9410 with graphics score of 10044. OP this all also give you an idea of the kinda of performance to expect if you want to SLI in the future.
  7. nice ;).
  8. I shall try all of the above and definitely try the Performance setting on 3dMark11 and compare. I will check my current drivers. Thank you all for the reponses and keep them coming if folks have anything else that could help me.

    The thing that is driving me crazy at the moment (I am 14 hours away from getting home to my computer and checking this, hence the crazy) is I am wondering if my PSU is set up wrong. The Black Widow has the 24 pin and two 6 or 8 pins that come directly out of the unit. Then there are 8 plug in slots for cables, 4 for molex/Sata power cables (black plugs) and 4 for PCI-E cables (red plugs if you are looking at the PSU). For some reason I feel that I didn't use those red plugs and have the supplemental power cords going into the 560 Ti coming from the other cables that came directly out of the PSU. In the whole scheme of things I am still a bit of a noob when it comes to hardware so don't know if there is a different amount of power coming out of those and hence perhaps underpowering my GPU, but again, something I will have to check in 14 hours. Ugh! Curse you, work! I'll post my progress later in the evening.

  9. liquidfigment said:
    For some reason I feel that I didn't use those red plugs and have the supplemental power cords going into the 560 Ti coming from the other cables that came directly out of the PSU.

    dont worry about that, if you were able to plug them cables into your card then that's where they're supposed to go. The EPS 8pin (or atx 4pin) that goes into the mobo is keyed differently and won't fit into a pcie power plug on the card (and there aren't any other 6 pin connectors, just pci-e ones). And since the psu only has one 12V rail it is not possible to mess that up by using wrong outputs on the psu...
  10. Your PSU should be fine. And try it in the Performance preset like mentioned above so you are running the same test as the rest of us.
  11. Yup, that was it. Not sure what made me want to change it to the Extreme setting to test but I put it to Performance test and the numbers look a lot better. Such a rookie mistake.

    Graphics - 4383
    Physics - 9646
    Combined - 4505

    The numbers are not as high as Sunius' running the single GTX 560 Ti like myself, but perhaps he is OCing it or other system items that are giving him that boost. But overall I sit here at ease knowing I didn't completely fumble my build.

    Now to sort out this USB Power Hub Power Exceeded error and I will be golden.

    Wish I could give out more than one Best Answer, but thanks all for your quick and extremely helpful responses.
  12. Yea it was done with pretty aggressive overclocking settings.

  13. Thank you for posting that SS, Sunius. Puts my mind at ease about the gap that I know would have driven me crazy. :)
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  15. That sounds about right for a 560Ti. I get about 5800-5900 or so on my 6950, which has been flashed to a 6970 and overclocked. I would think thats about right.
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