Can a Micro fit in an ATX ok??

prob. a dumb question but i wanna be sure.
If i buy a micro ATX board it will fit in an ATX case just fine right?
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    yeah but it will look stupid, geta full atx motherboard, they have more features, their should be something in the specs of a case that says the different motherboard standards it supports
  2. yes, but in assumption that the case gives you standoffs for the micro atx board(standoffs are for lifting the boards height off the right side panel.)
  3. Yep, but you are better off getting an ATX board if you can fit it.
  4. its just that micros are soooooo cheap
  5. oh hell, nvm, i found the best Mobo i possibly could for me lol
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  7. Because you have less RAM slots, fewer PCI-e and SATA ports and worse slot spacing. Often less features such as USB internal headers, LED debug systems, onboard power buttons and such.

    Only get a Micro-ATX board if you have to fit it in a Micro-ATX case.
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