Does this $700 build look decent?

Hey all,
I'm putting together a new system and was just wondering if everything would be compatible, some friends at work told me a little about what I need to know but I mostly chose these myself...

MB -

Not sure which is the better option - gtx 550Ti or the 650 for SLI'ing?

I'll add an SSD, and possibly a sound card later.

Far as you can see will everything here work together? what suggestions do you have?
I want to try and keep it at $700, but that's not to say that I can't work with 800 or even 900.

Thanks (:

---I've also considered an APU build with an additional gpu, since the new a10 has been released.
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  1. What's your monitor's resolution, and what games do you want to play?
  2. Get a hd 7770 it's better than a gtx 650 and 550ti.
    msi hd 7770 $115
  3. I'll have 2 monitors at 1920x1080 (Music production)
    Crysis 1/2 on high would be nice, and occasional COD, dead space, bf3
  4. For dual monitors at 1920x1080 gaming you'll need at least a hd 7850 but a hd 7950 would be much better.
  5. For 700$ your not going to be able to play Crysis 2 on high, A 7850 wont cut it either a 670 is the lowest card that would cut it and that is 400$ alone. But for 700$ you can get a Low end I5 and a 7850 and be able to play the games on high with 1 monitor. and medium with 2.
  6. I never said I'd be using both monitors for gaming, I use them both for music production software. And I'm thinking if I go with a 7850 or better I might just change to an a10-5800k build so I can crossfire it. And at only $130, I can put a little more into the gpu.
  7. I think I'll just go with an A10-5800k, Sapphire 7850, and the Asus f2a85-v Motherboard. And I'll overclock the card and apu a bit just for the hell of it.

    I've been convinced on upgrading graphics, but honestly pairing the 7850 with the a10 will most likely be plenty to satisfy my gaming side.

    Anyone have experience with the new AMD APU's ?
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