Is this PSU enough for FX 8350 + 7950 (Both OCed)?

Hey guys. I just have a quick question. I'm going through the final stages in choosing my components for my very first build. It's going to be a gaming/video editing/rendering PC. I am going to be using the AMD FX 8350 and the Radeon 7950. I will most likely OC the 8350 to around 4.6 GHz on the Hyper 212 EVO (If I can) and I will also OC the 7950 around 1100 MHz, maybe 1200 MHz if it can. Will this 620w PSU be enough to power both of them? Or should I get something a bit beefier? I don't really want to spend more than $100 on a PSU.

(P.S. I will only ever run a single GPU setup. I will never run SLI/Crossfire. Too many problems I hear with that. So I'm not looking into spending a ton of money on a 800w+ PSU. Just something reliable and can get the job done)

Thanks in advance guys! I will leave a link below to the parts I have selected.

Parts List:
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    Yes, the 7950 requires a 500W psu with 25A on the +12v rail, that psu has 620W with 48A, it's plenty for the cpu and the gpu overclocked, and it's a quality psu, it can deliver the full power at good temperatures.
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