CPU overheating very quickly. HELP!

Hi everybody, I've never posted here before but I hear great things about the help from this community,

Anyway I recently built my own machine and had no problems, everything is working great and I've had no problems. I live on my own in Windsor Canada and travel to Toronto with my desktop, Its been extremely cold here and I am wondering can the dramatic cold for a 3hr drive create problems for my rig, I try to turn it on but my CPU temps rise from about 30celcius to 80 in less then 5 minutes, please let me kno whichever information is needed for you guys to help solve this problem

Thanks in advance for all the support
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  1. Generally speaking, 0 Celsius is the minimum "normal operating range" but anyway, when you drive, you have some heat in the car so it's really not as cold...

    I suspect that maybe a cable or something went in the travel of the CPU fan and block him from turning... That's why the cpu start to heat a lot...
  2. First question did you use thermal compound when installing CPU.

    If yes than open the panel and see if the CPU fan is running when you turn on the computer?

    If not than is the CPU fan plugged in?

    If its plugged in and not running than you need a new CPU fan.
  3. Thermal paste came pre applied on my antec khuler 920
    And all fans are working

    Thanks for the quick replies
  4. I see your cooler comes with Control and Monitoring software, I would re-install that in case it's causing a problem. If that doesn't work it will do no harm to replace the thermal paste after thoroughly cleaning both surfaces. That way you can also check the mounting of the heat sink to make absolutely sure it is sitting perfectly square on the CPU. Use the 'pea size dollop' method to apply the paste. The 'spread method' is the one nearest to the pre-applied and can cause bubbles of air, which would account for your problem...
  5. I will try the re installation of the software, but I'm not too sure if I'll have enough time before it overheats and shuts down

    also what do u recommend cleaning both surfaces with
  6. I use Arctic Silver 5 paste, it comes with a cleaning kit including 2 fluids.
    You can use isopropyl alcohol and I have been known to use nail varnish remover in emergencies...
  7. Maybe the pump had failed ?!? fans will be turning but the liquid will not move at all to the rad...
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