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simple question: which would be better? a 2 gb gtx550 or a gtx 560 se? both are similar price, and obviously the 560 se is more powerful. what im wondering is: with 2 cards, will having 2gb of vram be useful, especially with details set to their heighest settings with x8AA, or would 2 more powerful gpu's be better?
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  1. in case of gtx550 the card might run out of grunt power before it can fully utilize 2gb or vram in games. the same would apply to gtx560se as well. if you play at 1080p 1gb should be enough for most games
  2. a single 550, yes, would run out of power. ive already maxed out my current one (which is being sold soon) at 1280x1024. would 2 gtx 550 ti be able to utilize the 2gb vram?
  3. in theory 2 GTX550 should have more grunt but honestly i'm not sure in such setup will make 2GB of VRAM more reasonable to have. this one you have to ask multi gpu expert. sorry :P
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