Superclocked gtx 570 or Crossfire 6770

I am upgrading my video cards. Which would be a better pick? A single superclocked gtx 570 or Crossfire 6770?
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  1. A GTX 570 would be better, because of the micro-stuttering that appears in SLI/Crossfire solutions.

    Unless you have a 6770 already, of course.
  2. system:
    3770k processor
    asus p8z77-vpro mb
    16gb ripjaw ram
    80gb ssd (operating system installed win7premium) and 1tb drive storage
    dual editing and gaming (mostly bf3)
    already have one 6770, but considering the 570 if little lost in performance with single card and a sli upgrade later.
  3. Well, if you have the money, go for a GTX 570. (or get a 7870, less power, more performance)
  4. " Always start out with one single strongest card you can get.
    If you can afford a 570 you can afford a 660 TI most likely unless your buying it used or from a friend wait for 660 TI it will eat a single 570 for breakfast and x2 6670 in cf for dessert ".LOL!
  5. Thanks for the help !!
  6. gamedrive said:
    Thanks for the help !!
    Your welcome anytime bro. ;)
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