i am looking for a cpu between £0-£100 and was thinking the fx6100.

i know there's been allot of bad reviews on the fx series.

can anyone who has used this cpu give me some advice on how it performs in all aspects. or can anyone tell me a better cpu withing my price range?

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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113286&Tpk=FX%206300

    think about 90 Quids. Much better than 6100. FX bulldozers were not that great but Piledrivers are good enough.
  2. of course newegg wont supply there in the UK so that link is to point out the right cpu to you.

    At that price point stick with a FX 6300, it will absolutely be better than any of the i3's that you will get for around the same price.
  3. thanks!

    i was thinking the 6300 ,but does the performance difference justify the price difference.

    not meaning to complicate, but a few buck saved will go on better parts lol
  4. 6300 is slightly over budget! how come we dont get as cheap as the states do lol theres another forum!
  5. nothing wrong thinking that way but the trouble with with a 6100 is that there is a good chance that you will need to OC it a fair bit so you have the possibility of using other hardware to their optimum limits.

    6300 at stock is pretty good and scales well with OC. You can drive a 7970 with a slight OC on 6300. That OC will have to be more for 6100 and therefore you have to invest in a new cooler and also it will draw more power.
  6. yeah!

    makes breaking my budget but by £5 all that more worth while

    i will take the 6300 hopefully i will not be dissapointed

  7. The price in the states does not include VAT @ 20%.. The cheaper Phenom 965 will outperform a 6100.
  8. Do you already have the motherboard? If not the look at intels i3 as well.
  9. simon

    no bud i don't have a board yet.

    i had the phenom ii x4 850 unlocked l3, which was very responsive, so hopefully the fx series i will notice performance increase
  10. u want a 4300 mate.

  11. have u got one?

    if so!

    what like?
  12. dual core with amd version of hyperthreading?
  13. no its a 6core processor.

    not dualcore. not even close.

    its 2cores times 3modules. but its alot more efficient than hyper-threading. its likea real 6core actually just designed differently
  14. http://www.anandtech.com/show/6396/the-vishera-review-amd-fx8350-fx8320-fx6300-and-fx4300-tested/5

    as you can see very nice. also the 6100 is about 15% slower. so 6300 is a nice improvment
  15. Ice are you suggesting a 4300 or 6300?
  16. one of the two. would be fine.

    but yes 6300 would be better. aka the vishera series.
  17. i still think the 6100 would be better than the 4300?

    can u elaborate?
  18. it wouldnt its older bulldozer architecture. the new vishera is 15% more efficient. so even if its only 4cores its faster. second of all games dont use more than 4cores if that today and for a while. so best use a faster 4core than a slower 6core.
  19. what about overall?

    not just gaming!

    video editing etc etc etc
  20. Two things. 1 I second Ice on 4300 being better than 6100 in gaming. That is because game engines rely on clock speed and better IPC rather than number of cores. Both IPC and CLock are better and higher with a 4300 over a 6100.

    2. Now considering 4300 is 15 % faster than 6100 core for core, clock for clock. at the same clock taking a 4300 as base, 6100 is only a 5 core (5.1 equivalent Vishera cores). Now factor in the higher clock of 4300 which again is 15 % more, than 6100 at 5 cores, and the the final result is a 6100 = a 4.25 core 4300.

    Hardly any difference at least in terms of pure math. and again you would get better OC headroom

    your preference order should be 6100<4300<6300
  21. Go for the 6300, it's worth the few extra quid.
  22. I had a 6100 it did well while in use but I had to put a 1ghz OC on it to drive my Sli. I was still not getting the full potential out of my cards, I will say about 85% tho. My suggestion is to get the 6300 instead.
  23. so guys! its the 6300 i will get.

    thanks for all your comments.

    p.s satyamdubey, top boy, thanks.
  24. thanks darren. great to hear you are going with a 6300.
  25. Good choice
  26. 6300 for the win :)
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