Please, help needed.

Hello everyone! I'm going to build a new system which I'm gonna use 85% for gaming. Just can't decide the ram. Please also tell me if I can get something better.
Asus Sabertooth z77
Intel 3rd Generation LGA1155 Processor i5 3570
Also can't decide graphics between Asus GTX670-DC2-2GD5 and GTX670-DC2T-2GD5 (I've heard that TOP edition is having some issues but I want to confirm)...Or should I get the 660ti dc2o? I'll play Battlefield 3, Assassin's creed 3 when it comes, and other latest games...
Ram: vs
Seasonic X-560 power supply.
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  1. Get the vengeance for the RAM. You want low profile RAM so heat fins don't interfere with an aftermarket cooler, which is a good idea, even if you aren't overclocking.

    I would go with the MSI 670. It has an equally good aftermarket cooler, and it might be a hair better.
  2. But some say gamers won't get more profit by buying more than 8gb. And I also like the DirectCopper 2 cooling technology than the blower style. Asus also factory overclocks more. Though I'll not overclock anything.
  3. Get 8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM.

    Also given recent issues with MSI/Nvidia cards, I would avoid them for the time being. Go for the cheapest Gigabyte or ASUS card that has non-reference cooling.
  4. 8gb Vengeance is not supported in the z77, sir.
  5. Yes, it does.
    Why would ASUS build a board that can only accept ridiculous quantities of RAM? The supported memory list is just the kits that they have tested themselves to work, it isn't an exhaustive list by any stretch.
    Any DDR3 RAM will work in any DDR3 board. Only restrictions on RAM compatibility other than that is whether its ECC or not, and that only apply's on higher end server hardware.
  6. manofchalk said:
    Get 8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM.

    Also given recent issues with MSI/Nvidia cards, I would avoid them for the time being. Go for the cheapest Gigabyte or ASUS card that has non-reference cooling.

    Which issues are you talking about? I would like to know so I don't mis-inform anyone.

    Vengeance will work because it using the same voltage on the same timing. Pleases actually investigate thoroughly.
  7. MSI was recently found in their 660Ti and 670 Power Edition cards to have bypassed Nvidia voltage limiter, effectively allowing the user to alter the voltage sent to the GPU.
    Problem was they did it quite sloppily, and way too much voltage is sent.,18013.html

    Timings are an aspect of performance, not compatibility.
    Voltage does have a bit to do with compatability, Intel systems shouldn't run above 1.5v. But that in itself wont stop the RAM from working.
    It really does just come down to whether its DDR3 or not.
  8. Thanks for the link.
  9. It is safest to use a tested set of RAM off the boards QVL, but that does not mean other types of RAM won't work. I just recommend choosing off of there because it is generally a large variety of manufacturers that it doesn't make sense to not choose one that's been tested to work. If it shows your RAM, just at a larger quantity, it is quite likely that the smaller amount will work as well.
  10. It says qualified vendors list. That means no other ram has been qualified for that board? Or asus has not tested all? I know asus is a bit lazy in support and ram checking though its my favourite choice due to its technologies.
    These are the three sites from where I got aware about the TOP editions. What do you think t.h experts?
  11. It means that the QVL is a list of RAM specifically tested to operate correctly on the board, they are not going to test every RAM in existence for each board.
  12. You're sure chugot Sir, that it will support 8gb vengeance?
  13. I cannot be absolutely sure, but there is a high likelihood it will. I would say you have the same chances of it not working as the chances of receiving a bad set of RAM (that is specifically listed on the QVL).
  14. You're scaring me, let's talk about the gpu first till the other experts arrive.
  15. Best answer
    I have used these on the Sabertooth numerous times:

    And never had issues with any Vengeance in any Asus board whether or not it was on QVL.

    As for the 670's, just go by the numbers:

    Asus 670 TOP - 10.0 rating

    Gigabyte Windforce SC 670 - 9.8 rating

    MSI Twin Frozr IV 670 - 9.7 rating

    Palit Jetsteram 670 - 97 rating

    Zotac AMP 670 - 9.6 rating

    So far the Asus' 1280 boost clock is the highest stable OC I have seen.
  16. Now another question - Jacknaylor sir was the ram stable? And does that mean the 670 top will not have issues?
  17. Anyone here? Did I tell something wrong?
  18. No, but all your questions have been answered multiple times... all RAM should be stable we cannot guarantee it is a good set though. And the Asus 670 is a good product, he linked reviews, I don't know what else you want to know.
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  20. Anonymous said:
    Now another question - Jacknaylor sir was the ram stable? And does that mean the 670 top will not have issues?

    The TOP series seems to have stopped production as it's become very hard to find. Word is that Asus handpicked the GPU's in early production runs to make sure that those willing to spend the extra $10 (and the reviewers I assume) got the best ones. As the production lines mature and yields improve, I'm guessing this process is no longer required.

    Again, I have never had a Vengeance (or Mushkin Redline / Blackline) set of RAM not be stable in any Asus board ...... have had one bad stick outta like 200 purchased replaced w/o question under warranty. I have had issues w/ GSkill though.
  21. Any DDR3 RAM that's at or under 1.5v will be fine.
    Would get a lower profile kit though, the tall heat-fins can interfere on large CPU heatsinks. Look for G.Skill Ares or Corsair Vengeance Low Profile kits.
  22. What is low profile? I'm just thinking that how stupid hospital-like it is going to look for a white low profile ram in a stylish tuf black motherboard. is 3570 heatsink large?
  23. Low profile RAM is RAM that doesn't have huge heatfins like the Ripjaw series. These are examples.

    I'm fairly certain that it would be impossible to find white ram. Red and orange look pretty cool against black.

    The 3570 does not have a huge heatsink, but it is recommended to get an aftermarket cooler because they are so much better than the stock ones.
  24. Then will the ram be hotter without fansinks? I was thinking of H100 for cpu cooling. Any other suggestions? I'll not overclock anything. And is it possible to watercool gpu? And this is also approved by tom's hardware itself.
  25. I think I've selected best answer too soon.
  26. The h100 is not the best route to go. It doesn't do as good as some high end air coolers, which are cheaper. The Thermalright Silver arrow would be better.

    The RAM would not get too hot, unless you overclock it, which is not recommended unless
  27. Thank you for the suggestion, zared sir, I'll check and follow on it. I was with corsair because I've heard that they're safe and do not leak. Nevermind. Now another q) Will the power supply be enough for the sabertooth, asus gtx 670dc2t, 3570 and the high or low profile ram? (Sea Sonic X-560) (80 plus gold) Or do I have to get higher watts? I do not want headroom increase because I'll not upgrade again for long. So just can it handle the components or is it weak and need to be increased?
  28. 560W is plenty for the system as it stands, and Seasonic is a great brand. No issue with power that I can see.
    Wouldnt try to Crossfire/SLI on it though.
  29. manofchalk said:
    560W is plenty for the system as it stands, and Seasonic is a great brand. No issue with power that I can see.
    Wouldnt try to Crossfire/SLI on it though.

    +1 to that
  30. No I will not SLI. Thank you zared sir, jacknaylor sir, manofchalk sir and chugot sir for your kind responses. My respect to you all.
  31. Oh, I forgot an important thing! Forgive me as I'm new to this site. I want to buy a gaming case(cabinet) for the system. Which of the following should I get? Which cools better and has better quality?:
    1>Antec Twelve Hundred V3 vs
    2>Cooler Master HAF 932. I'll also get an asus blu ray writer drive and 10000rpm western digital hard drive. My monitor will be AOC e2043Fsk
  32. Go with the cooler master
  33. Details please, Sir? Asking because antec has more fans everywhere, including 200mm. Sorry this will also join the match: HAF X So haf x vs haf 932 vs antec twelve hundred v3.
  34. Please :)
  35. In this site it says it is for 2nd generation intel core processors.??? Oh wait! in all ram sites posted in this whole thread says its for 2nd generation compabbilaty????? What si this??? I mean what is this?
  36. I can vouch for the HAF-X, its a good case and I love my one.

    2nd generation Core processor is another way of saying Sandy Bridge CPU. Wouldn't worry about RAM compatibility, as long as its DDR3 and the board is DDR3, it will work. Only exception is that it has to be at or under 1.5v for Intel systems, which it is, so no issues there.
  37. LISTEN MANOFSCHALK SIR, I'm BUYING A 3570- A 3rd generation 22nm Ivy Bridge processor! I see g skill rams most of them qualified for the board and also for 22nm 3rd generation. So is g skill a better choice?
  38. It is an equally good choice.
    Chances are the Corsair or other brand RAM you are getting only lists 2nd gen compatibility because that's what was out when the kit released.
    As long as its DDR3 and at/under 1.5v, it will be fine.
  39. If you removed the heat-spreader, I bet there would be no difference between them.

    The Ares, low profile heatspreader so it doesn't get in the way of any CPU heatsinks.
    Dont worry about it overheating due to the smaller heatspreader, RAM doesn't get hot nowadays.
  40. Why are g skill rams so cheaper than corsairs?
  41. Corsair are a much bigger brand than G.Skill and are well known for quality. G.Skill is just as good, but so far are only doing RAM and some SSD's a while ago. So in the wider PC market they are relatively obscure.
    So there is some value in the brand, so it gets marked up a bit because its Corsair.

    Though most stores online have them at similar prices. Might just be a quirk of Supply and Demand at whichever retailer you are buying from.
  42. No, Corsair Platinum is ridiculously overpriced. You can get 8GB of that speed RAM for ~$40.

    Any of these kits will do.
    It does not matter which one you get, they will all work and perform the same.
    There is literally no difference other than colour and how big the heatspreader is.
    You can literally pick between them based on how good they look, and you wont make a wrong decision.
    I would personally say go for either the Ares or Corsair LP kits, but any will do.
  43. I was thinking that vengeance does not support 3rd generation intel core processors, so to confirm no loss I am taking precautions.
    Thank you for the links. Yes but why is platinum series 'ridiculously overpriced'? Is it because of high quality or the light show? Please sir, give your best suggestions because I do not care about money. The ripjaws x and dominator platinum have many awards that is why I am looking for them with cas latency 8.
  44. Corsair Platinum is overpriced because its high quality and has a lot of market speak around it. It may be legitimately useful if your the kind to overclock the hell out of your RAM, but unless you are going to do that its a pointless waste of money.

    As I have said before, as long as its DDR3 and under 1.5v, it will work with any modern Intel CPU.

    Heres a good kit of Cas 8, 1600Mhz RAM thats under 1.5v.

    Mushkin isn't as big as Corsair or G.Skill, but they are a respectable brand.
  45. Alright, thank you sir, thank you very much. Is there an option of selecting best answer twice?
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