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Graphic card - psu!

I have recently purchased a ati radeon hd 4870 ddr5 graphic card. It says i need 2 six pin power cords. But my 450 watts psu doesnt have even one. So can i use a molex adapter to power up it? Can i pin just one six pin power cord (i.e, the one which i converted using the adapter) to the graphic card which needs 2?
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    No you will need both the 6 Pin connectors to be plugged in. One is not enough.
    Yes you can use the Molex to Six pin converter but, if you have a little extra money, you ought to get yourself a better PSU, which will help you out in the future too.
    And actually 450W is cutting it too close to the minimum requirement of 500W... :(
    You could end up experiencing random restarts and xyz problems and even damage the other hardware....
    IMO: get a PSU. 550 to 650 W should be good enough.
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