My PC and keep freezes and makes beep noises

I build my pc at ibuypower and received it a while ago.....lately my pc would randomly freeze and make beep noise and other times it will just freeze and won't make beep noise.

i tried changing the graphics card but didn't help. I also tried adjusting voltage to my RAM in BIOS setting but that didn't help either.

Couple things i noticed, it's usually freezes when my pc is hot or when i am watching video but not all the time. sometimes i would be using the computer for 5 minutes and it will freeze other times all over half an hour or hour.....

pc specs:
asus p5n-d motherboard, nvidia gforce 9800 GT video card, intel core 2 extreme cpu x9650 3.0GHz , 3gb of RAM, liquid cooling system, runs xp (used to be vista), liquid cooler

I don't know a lot about computers ...i am just confuse since i got a liquid cooling system, do i put liquid literally into my system? which I doubt....

thanks for any and all help. if I have posted in the wrong section please tell me what is the right section because I looked and couldn't find it.
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  1. um why are you using a 9800gt and a x9650?

    if its overheating you should use more fans. liquid cooling is using a pump to circuate water to cool down the CPU.
  2. i hope you didnt drain it.

    or if its a faulty cooler, you need a new one
  3. is there any problem using 9800gt and x9650? what should i be using

    u said "hope u didn't drain it," whats there to drain?

    I am looking at the tempretures reading and the only thing i see is my gpu core is at 58 C and its max is 58 C and two fans running at 2600+/- and 2300 +/-
  4. i thought you would drain the liquid cooler. dont

    no there is no problem but is getting old

    it could be your hard drive
  5. I also hope you did not buy the standard iBuyPower water cooling set up, you should at least shell out some extra money for quality components if you are going pre-built.
  6. i did hard disk check and it was fine....

    its an avc ....a water cooling system

    when i pre-built it cost me total of 2400 and some change......and it was about 3 years ago...
  7. and i managed to get it frozen again....and it seems somehow the max of gpu tempretures went up to 59 C when earlier was showing max can only be 58 C....
  8. 59c is perfectly fine

    and you overspend like crazy 3 years ago
  9. from the nzxt case temperatures reading.. system is at 37 C, cpu at 31 C and HDD is at 30 C
  10. its perfectly fine
  11. it could be your power supply or your motherboard. it could be your power supply since it is not supplying power properly. it could be just that your motherboard is failing
  12. yep i overspent .....lack of knowledge at the time.....

    what could be the problem......and any suggestion as to how i can get it fixed....

    when u said overheating, u meant the whole system or just specif part like the cpu, gpu or hdd....btw is there any problem using the 9800gt and x9650?

  13. is there any way to check if the liquid cooler is drained or not?
  14. if the cooler is a closed loop (all enclosed), you dont need to check. its fine

    i didnt say anything about overheating.

    can you check the volts coming from the psu in the BIOS. the volts must be around the same as what the meter is supposed to read (if its 3.3v, it should be reading around that area). check for the 5v rail and the 12v rail
  15. vcore voltage is 1.26v
    3.3v is showing 3.02v to be (stays same at 3.02v...doesn't go up and down by even .01)

    5v is showing to be 4.81v
    12v is showing to be 11.58 v
  16. your 12v rail looks worrying. it shouldnt drop more than 11.6v
  17. the power supply i got is 680watt.....

    is there any way to improve the 12v rail
  18. no. you got a crappy power supply. get a new one. i personally think it is the power supply is causing the problems because its not supplying the proper voltages. if a new power supply doesnt fix the problem, its the motherboard
  19. can u recommend me a power supply and also a motherboard in case the power supply doesn't fix the problem
  20. though i don't want to spend to much money on em...thanks
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