5870 Eyefinity 6 in Xfire vs 7970 or GTX680

Hello, Hey peeps like stated above. I currently have 2 5870 Eyefinity 6 editions running in Xfire. I am interested in upgrading. So is a 5870x2 better in performance then either a single 7970 or gtx680? I am running a 2600k with 16gb ram and a Samsung 830 SSD. On 3 24inch @5760x1200 screen. any thoughts?
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  1. Power wise you wont get that much of a gain going from 2 5870's to 1 7970, BUT the biggest advantage would be the extra Vram. The 58xx's only had 1 gig compared to the 79xx's 3 gigs. Going from my single 5850 to my 7950 doubled my performance. You have two cards in crossfire is going to negate it being as big of a jump for you. While you may see some improvement dont expect anything drastic unless you go with 2 7970's.
  2. thanks but the 5870 Eyefinity has 2gbs each. But thanks for your input. Anyone else have 7970s on a very large monitor setup?
  3. I ended up going with 2 7970's in crossfire. And so far i haven't regretted a thing.

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