Re-installing windows 7 on a computer that will not got past the "Starting Windo

‎02-17-2013 10:14 PM

Hello I am trying to fix a friends broken computer. Im trying to reformat it and reinstall windows 7 64 bit.

The computer is a g62-355dx notebook. the hard drive is a WD Serial ATA.

Ive dont this a million times to a lot of friends computer and have never gotten this error:

"No signed device drivers were found"

After much research online one solution was to change the SATA setting to IDE.... or something... but the bios settings on this are extremely limited, i can pretty much only control the fans and change the boot order. There is no SATA setting in here... what am i doing wrong.. is there another bios menu i need to enter? BAHH im frusturated. Also is there one driver i could put on a USB and just install it and be fine? ive tried a bunch but none of them seem to work.

Please help... thanks everyone
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