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So about a week and a half ago I built an extremely budget pc and it was all working perfectly. The only thing that was missing was the power for the graphics card. I had to order 2 moles to pice power adapters that took forever to come in. So I get them today, I hook up power to the card (asus nvidia gtx 460) and the pc won't start. Unhook the power and all is fine again....I noticed that the graphics card fan worked while just sitting in the pcie, so I didn't think it was the slot on the mobo. I also thought it ,isn't be too much for the psu, so I unhooked everything but the mobo and card, still didn't work. Would get half a second of fans and l.e.ds and then nothing. So I decided to go back to the video card being in the slot with no power to atleast have a working pc while I searched online for an answer. About 10 mins into browsing the computer turned off. Now if I try to start the pc I get dim front led, power supply fan, and that's it. No CPU fan, no beep, happened??? Can anyone please shed some light on this?
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  1. sorry about all the typos...i was on the ipad...
  2. It sounds like the original problem is the power supply cannot provide enough power for the graphics card. Connecting the graphics card without the extra power cables may have drawn to much power through the motherboard and could have damaged it.
  3. Thank you for the reply. The only problem with that though is that I had the graphics card installed in the pcie slot since the pc was built. It worked completely fine until i plugged the pcie power into the card. Thats when something went wrong. Could the molex to pcie adapters been bad and fried something else? or the card itself being bad fry something? Or, as you stated, a weak psu struggling to supply power damaged the mobo? Thanks again.
  4. Molex to pci-e 6 pins shouldnt be used on psus unless it was a psu who had to budget and remove cables to save on price(Antec Earthwatts 380/430, Corsair CX 430, Antec VP 450). If your psu did not have a pci-e at all, it was not designed with a gpu in mind. You should never use 2 molex to pci-e adapters as that is asking way too much from the psu.
  5. What is the PSU may I ask because this could answer all our questions.
  6. .....logisys 550 w....i know its crap lol
  7. Then the simple answer is that the power supply did die on you.
    You need about a 500W good brand PSU I'd recommend one of these on a budget.
  8. so, is there a chance that i just need to replace that and bam, im back in business, or is my mobo, graphics card, ram, cpu, etc all fried? I guess ill start at psu and work my way from there.
  9. also, thank you for your help
  10. I'd say that is't "bam... back in business". I highly doubt it's something like the motherboard.
    BTW there's a reason that PSU is $19 and the ones I listed are $50+.
  11. if the ps was new i would send in for a rma. then look for a newer video card that uses less power then the 460.
  12. did you set the pci slot to out put to video .. just saying if you just put the video card in without selecting it in video out put you would get the same problem. so it should look like pci slot 1 for video out put instead of intergrated..
  13. you will need to do this with the card installed and inter the bios while hooked up to the onboard video once you switch to pci slot 1 or what ever slot the card is in you will have to hook your cables up to the video card
  14. Well is being cool about it all. They are going to refund the money and I am going to get the corsair. I did try to change the setting in bios as well. There was one boot where it still worked without the power connected to the card and I tried that. It then wouldn't boot. So I unplugged it again and it booted. Computer worked about 10 mins without video card plugged in and suddenly died surfing the web. Now no matter what I plug or unplug I get dim leds, case fan spins, but nothing else. Cpu fan doesn't work, no beep, hard drive doesn't spin etc. So I am starting with psu, if that doesn't work ill get in touch with geeks again about money or replacement for mo
  15. Ok guys, i decided to update this and hope to get some more help. I didnt get the corsair, simply because geeks does not carry them and they, of course, wanted me to buy from them to help keep this all in their hands and make sure the warranties were all being handled correctly and such. anyways i bought a 750 watt apower from geeks. It came in today, i installed, everything else starts to run except the cpu fan. I get case fans, gfx card fan, bright leds up front etc, but the cpu fan wont spin, and im guessing bc of this, the computer wont boot. Just sits there with everything spinning and lit up. So i started sniffing around the cpu for signs of burning and i kinda smelled that burnt electronic smell. I took the heatsink off the cpu and removed the cpu, but it looked ok, and didnt have the smell really, just the heatsink, right around the fan. I removed the fan from the aluminum fins and right up top there is a little burn mark on the heatsink and the underside of the fan smells horrible. So, is there any chance the cpu is ok, just needs a new heatsink, and the heatsink not working is causing the computer not to boot? I dont get any vid out or anything. Sorry this is so long I just like to be thorough.
  16. So to get this strait you got one shitty PSU it blew. Then you got a second shitty PSU and stuff doesn't work... Why didn't you ask only one PSU on their website I'd even consider buying and it's one normally considered bad.

    And here is the crappy one you got.

    *please excuse language as I am trying to highlight just how bad it is*
  17. i know, i know, i was just mainly trying to keep it all with them in case it was the mobo or something that didnt work that i also bought from them i wouldnt get told "it wasnt our product that caused the problem, so we wont cover it you have to go through them" or something to that nature. But, the new psu works currently, but i have found that another issue(im assuming caused by the last psu) is with the cpu and or cpu heatsink. So now im on the road to get that fixed.
  18. But you would have a good reliable PSU that won't fail like the last one and if it's the motherboard then you have a refund for the bad PSU (even if it was still working) and you can get a good/new motherboard if you have to (as you'd consult us before you get one this time... I hope).
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