Gtx 560 ti

whats the noise like and temperature for the gigabyte gtx 560 ti, is it near to a hd 5700?
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  1. for me its like 90+ in games such as BF3 and the noise of the fan is incredibly high
  2. so its not quiet then? it has double fans so you think it would stay cooler, is this on max settings?
  3. the truth is you can make direct comparison between the two. even for 5700 series different board partner will have different solution to tackle down the heat and noise problem. the same goes for GTX560 Ti.

    what card did you currently have?
  4. I cannot really hear my Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti when gaming even when it's 100% fan (and no, I don't use headphones and my PC is on the table 30 cm away from me).

    Temps are 60-75°C depending on game. I've got some aggressive overclock as well (975 MHz Core/2250 MHz memory vs 822/2004 stock).
  5. i currently have th 5700, thanks above for saying about the other one, i will probably get that one
  6. there are tons of GTX560 Ti out there with custom cooler and pcb from various nvidia board partner. look around for reviews and then pick the one that you think able to satisfied your need the most. if you were not in a hurry to replace your current card i suggest for you to wait a bit until GTX660 Ti comes out. it might be more expensive compared to 560 Ti but you it might be able to pick your interest if you were willing to spend a bit more cash. plus we might also see price cut from amd so you might want to wait a little bit longer before making your purchase
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