Need some advice for a system build. Any suggestions welcome!

Approximate Purchase Date: In one week

Budget Range: £1500-£2000 in total, without rebates. Ideally delivery would be free.

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
Full-time HD editing suite. I'm a recent graduate and will be using both HD video and digital modelling software. Avid, Adobe, Maya and Edius to name a few.
I have been using triple monitors for all my editing work and wish to keep it that way, with a 4th as reference on a TV to watch final renders. I already have a 1080p TV.
Triple monitor gaming would be a plus (or very much desired) as all editing screens are 23" at 1080p. (Single card setups only)
Lots (4-6GB) of fast, very reliable storage space is also required. Green "eco" drives are a no-go. I constantly work on various projects at once and must store final renders for months on end. I'd prefer if all storage was internal.
Unsure of the benefits I'd get between Z77 and X79.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes (three of them)

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Parts Preferences: Based on recommendations: Intel CPU, Asus motherboard, EVGA graphics, Western Digital/Hitachi Hard Drives, Corsair Power Supply. IPS Displays only.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 (x3) In gaming: 5760 x 1080

Additional Comments: I'm aiming to have an almost silent, incredibly powerful pc. Not too sure of the power requirements and I'm undecided as to whether a GTX 680 or an AMD 7970 would be better. CUDA would benefit video work but have always used AMD cards in the past (not eyefinity) and can't gauge driver support or Nvidia Surround.

Thanks! :D
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  1. Going with the X79 Platform and a Core i7 39630K will require more budget.
    So you can go with a Z77 equipped with Core i7 3770K, 16 GB of RAM and the HD 7970 for your gaming setup and video work.

    What do you mean by 4-6GB? Do you mean TB?
  2. For monitor attachment, GTX680 and 7970 will do the job for 3 monitors. The GTX680 is, perhaps a bit stronger.

    For gaming with 3 monitors, you will need a very strong graphics card if you expect high FPS aand lots of eye candy.
    A GTX690 or sli GTX670 class setup might not be out of line, but that is expensive, and will not meet your budget.

    To attach your 4th TV monitor, use the integrated graphics adapter.

    As an alternative, have you considered the 27" 2560 x 1440 monitors?
    Yes, they are expensive, but each will have about as many pixels as two 1080P monitors.
    Gaming on a single one will be superior to just a 1080P monitor, and that is what most games will support.
    How many triple monitor supported games are you planning on? If the answer is not many, then two 2560 x 1440 monitors may work for you.

    The i7-3770K with hyperthreading would seem to be the no brainer pick for your needs which include both gaming and multithreaded apps.

    Most any Z77 based motherboard will be fine. No need for an expensive enthusiast motherboard.

    Ram, is cheap, pick a 16gb kit of 2 x 8gb DDR3 1600 ram.

    For the os, apps, and some games, use a SSD. 120gb minimum, perhaps 180gb or 240gb. SSD prices are dropping.
    I would look to Intel or Samsung for reliability. Performance differences among brands is not significant.

    For storage, WD green 2tb is good, reliable, and not too expensive

    Could you post a tentative build using links to the web site/s that you might use?
    No doubt, you will then get many responses.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll get to work building a few possible scenarios and then post back.
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