Best Graphic Card For My Old Pc?

Processer: Pentium 4 HT 520 2.8Ghz
MotherBoard: ASUS PTGD1-LA/Grouper-UL8E
Psu: OCZ 600w With 2 25Amps
Monitor Res: 1366 by 768
Current Gpu: 900 Gma
Memory Type: DDR
OS: Xp 32bit
Games: Specs Close To Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Are Lower

Wanted To Now Whats The Best For This Around 60$ Are Less
Also Can I Install A PCI-E2.1 Without Error

Was Thinking Of Somthing Like This
If 2.1 Works
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  1. go for cheapest. You'r P4 will bottleneck any of those i think. Spending 60USD is not a good idea
  2. damn, i checked...your mobo does not suport core2duo/quad...only Pentium4 up to 3,6GHZ, Pentium 4 with HT and Pentium dont know, the 8800Gt its a great car, even the 8800GTX can be found for 45- 50$ i siggest that ^^alltough i dont know what do you do with the machine :). If you want DX11 then you can buy the Radeon 5570 1GB ... but your CPU will hold back any of theese cards
  3. Well I Was Looking Around For This Question How Bad is bottlenecking Will It Hurt The Pc
  4. Why not buy a used card such as a old 6800GT or 7800GT? I used to have a 256MB 6600GT with my old P4 2.0GHz... worked perfect
  5. Well Should Of Said It In First Post But I Would Like To Us It In New Computer When Ever I Get One In The Future
  6. if you want to use it in new PC any of you'r card isn't any good frankly.

    Do u planning to buy new PC? if not, or in well say more than 6months peroid there is no sense putting good card into your rig - waste of money.

    Go for some used 7600GT, X1950 etc

    Any modern GFX will be massively bottlenecked with P4. Even Conore C2d 1.8Ghz is a lot faster than your P4, and games often want dual core -3.0Ghz or even 4 or more cores.
  7. Might Get The X1950 Pro Looks Like it Will Out Perform The Ones I Was Looking At And Hofly Not Bottleneck and be good in a new computer later
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