Phenomx3 710 unlocks to a dual core!


Sorry for my bad english:(

Browsing internet / Movie player PC
OS : Win7x64
MB: Asus/M4A785T-M AM3
CPU: Phenomx3 710
GPU: onboard HD4200
RAM: 4GB/Dual/1333 Hyperx
PSU: 430X Corsair

Installed win7 with a sempron 140(2.7 single).A friend had a phenomx3 710 with lots of bent pins,fixed them,installed and it worked perfect.Nice temps even with sempron's 45W stock cooling fun (thermal paste MX-2).I will add in near future a hyper212 evo+ATI 7770 to OC and play some games.

Unlocking core experience with my mobo M4A785T-M(can handle upto 125w cpu's).:In the past tried to unlock the sempron140(win xp32 sp3),bios recognised it as atlhonx2 but had "Unleashed mode failed".I played with max voltages(safe range) kept saying unleashed mode failed and didn't post,so i stopped trying to unlock the cpu since i was already happy a single core low consumption etc.
Now i tried to unlock the phenomx3 710 but my mobo says " X2 cores activated success" and it logs as phenom x3 710 with 2 cores 2 threads.It happens with auto-unlocker(pressing 4 on boot) from asus-Acc(auto)/unleashed mode-enabled/Cores-Auto.Even if i set to manual core or ACC-all cores it unlocks to a dual core!!!.Using per core setting gives unleashed mode failled message on boot.I can skip this message via bios and increase voltages,but it boots as phenomx3 so no phenomx4 again.Bios can't see this cpu as phenomx4(10) no matter what.4th core,wanted dead or alive:).

Things i tried with no success:

1)Reset Cmos,update - downgrade bios.
2)used easybsd program to change max cores to 4(msconfig showed max=3).Now it is 4 max,box checked

Thx for reading my thread.If u have any ideas plz reply.
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  1. First off, do not downgrade your BIOS.
    Second, that board isn't the best for unlocking AMD CPUs.
    Third a triple core Phenom is MOST LIKELY one where the 4th core is actually dead. The ones that they simply deactivate are almost always Athlons.

    Now with all that said, all you have to do with ASUS boards is turn "Unleashing" mode on inside the BIOS. Do not use any 3rd party programs or anything other than the BIOS itself.

    Go there and read your user manual, page 2-12 is a good place to start reading.
  2. thnx for replying me,JefferyD90

    1)I have read my manual in the past and i will read it again.
    2)Downgrading bios is bad idea i agree,but somewhere i read conspiracy theories about newer versions,
    <<removing stealthy>> ,the unlocking potencial for system stability.(probably crap)
    3)All i want is to see the 4th core(in bios), if its dead or unstable its ok...Maybe my mobo is not good,maybe the 4th core is disabled from factory.Probably too many unlocking success stories on the internet...
  3. if not dead, try to enable the unleashing, and dont set core activation or auto but to manual or something like that
  4. Yea, that board isn't the best for unlocking them... But if the BIOS wont let you do it "automatically" then its prolly best you don't force it.

    Im willing to bet its prolly dead tho, that's just the way the Phenoms did it
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