Dual Monitor Issue

Hi, All

Err....I dnt knw if this is the right place to post this but....

Im trying to have a dual monitor, but both my screens goes black >.<
My main screen is Flatron E2351 DVI to the Split DVI connector from the Pc and my second one is VGA to DVI adaptor to the second split. So im using a DVI splitter for the dual monitor on a single HD7850.
Im i missing driver? HydraVision? installed but i can't seem to find the HydraVision setting.

Running on Win7, i5-3570k

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  1. Ok, i've been browsing around on the net and found out that you cannot use the slitter for a dual monitor ( you cannot use a single DVI port for 2monitor) is that true?
    the package label says "something something 2 monitor" forgot..
  2. is it okay to connect my VGA to a VGA - DVI adaptor and the Dvi adaptor to DVI - HDMI adaptor to the pc? lol?
    Cant seems to find a VGA to Male HDMI adaptor.
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