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Hi Guys,

I have an HP Compaq 6200 Pro dekstop PC that originally had an Intel Core i3 2100 CPU installed. I have since replaced this with an Intel Celeron G530 CPU as I needed the i3 in another rig.

I installed the CPU and proceeded to boot the PC up, when it reached the log on screen for windows all I can see is strange blue graphics on the screen with lots of blue dots on it:

I have booted in safe mode and can see the screen OK but booting into Windows does not work. I have tried updating the graphics drivers in safe mode but no change when booting normally.

CPU sold to me as fully working but cannot work out if it is or not or its my pc settings/config/drivers/etc/etc????

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  1. Wierd....does that mobo's BIOS have support for the G530??
  2. Very wierd!

    The mobo is running Intel Q65 chipset which fully supports the Celeron G530 and G540 CPU's.

    It is strange it boots OK in safe mode but not normal mode.
  3. J rock can you check if the G530 runs on a regular LCD/LED monitor from your another rig? For some reason I feel this may be a monitor issue since you are running a CRT monitor. ALso are you running all this from a discrete gpu because in that case you should not have a problem but HD graphics have not been validated for running CRT's.

    most likely CRT monitor compatibility issue.
  4. I have tried plugging it into an LCD monitor but with same results as the CRT!

    I have tried removing drivers in safe mode, then re-installing in safe mode and trying to boot normal but get the same results. I don't know what else to try!?

    Perhaps a faulty CPU??? But why would it work in safe mode, never seen a faulty CPU that worked in safe mode but not normal mode.

    Any other suggestions before I ask for a refund?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. what was the resolution of the LCD you connected?
  6. all I am saying is that before assuming that the chip is faulty, check with this:
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