Do I need 16GB Ram for my new 64-bit PC

Hi Everyone

I am just about to build this PC that I will use to play latest games and do some Blender Animation & Rendering during the holidays. I have been using 4GB. I am not sure if my OS Windows 7/8 64bit will ever use more than 8GB when I'm playing the latest demanding games or doing Fluid Dynamics or Particles in Blender.

So did anyone who has 16GB of ram or more ever experience memory load under most common intensive applications such as games or video encoding. Must I get 16GB than 8GB

The Specs for this PC that I will build:
MSI GTX570 PowerEdition*
Z77 Asrock Motherboard
8GB DDR3 1600
Raidmax rs 1000ax*
Normal Sata Drives4

* For the parts I have already bought.

Thank So much for your responds
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  1. For gaming 8GB is plenty but for blending and rendering you will benefit from 16GB.
    Sorry to see a * by the Raidmax (doubtful quality).
  2. For gaming 8GB is plenty enough......however stuff like rendering can take up lots of RAM.

    My friend told me once how his system used to be quite slow at Maya.....she upgraded to 16GB's and things really turned much much better for her :)
  3. 8 is plenty, i'd recommend only 16 if you have an ssd and want to turn off your page file
  4. ram is so cheap, i'd go for the 16 anyways just to have it...may not be necessary, but hey rather have too much than not enough {=^.^=}
  5. 8GB for gaming, 16GB for design/video work and +1 with Raidmax being dodgy quality.
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