I just services my Cooler master Extreme Power plus 600w PSU. The company didnt took it bcoz it was out of warranty. so i serviced it in local market. But the problem is I am little scared abt that is it really producing the same wattage as it did b4. How can i check that my PSU is producing enough wattage for my pc ? What cud happen if i use a low wattage PSU in my pc. Is there any risk.
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  1. Quality of PSU is the biggest thing and CM Extreme power is not the best but with 600watts still should be able to run most single GPU rigs.
  2. My problem is not that. It runs well with my rig. But is there any chance of decreasing in the wattage after its service . Cud it produce same wattage as it did earlier.
  3. Normally PSU does not get serviced, if broken it gets fixed and should produce the same output. If your computer does work fine then you have enough power for it, not enough power will result in instability and sudden shut downs.
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