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I own a raptor-gaming LK1 keyboard, and I love it, but I'm getting a computer at my dad's house now too, so I need a new keyboard. I was wondering what the best corded gaming keyboard would be for under $40. It doesn't have to be mechanical, it doesn't need a ton of frills, I just want one that's anti-ghosting (I had one that ghosted and i nearly killed myself) and I want it to have relatively quick response times, and quiet would be nice but I dont NEED it. I've done a bunch of looking and i haven't came up with any that seem up to stats, so please help me out :)
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  1. You can pick up another LK1 on Amazon for $23 with free shipping:

    If you like it and know it, get it!

    If you want to go with something with a couple of more features, this is a great deal at $35, though it offers only green illumination and Call of Duty designs:
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