Connecting Corsair VS450 PSU to Intel DG965RY motherboard.

I am new to computer hardware and stuff. So friends plz help me. I have a Core 2 4300 1.8ghz CPU with Intel DG965RY motherboard. I had been formerly running it on an Odyssey 450W PSU. I recently bought a Corsair VS450 PSU. I was able to fix all its connections in proper slots. However the secondary power port on the motherboard has 4 slots. But there is no matching port in any of the Corsair PSU's wires.
There is one port with 6 slots and has PCIE written on it. Plz let me knw if d Corsair PSU i bought is compatible with DG965RY motherboard. If yes den plz tell me how.
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  1. The pin that goes into the main motherboard socket should have another 4 pin connector right next to it. That goes next to the main motherboard cable in the same plug
  2. From Corsair's Power Supply FAQs:

    Where’s the 4-pin EPS/ATX 12v connector that I need for my motherboard?

    Our power supplies ship with an 8-pin connector that splits in half. Use half of this connector for the 4-pin EPS/ATX 12v connector on your motherboard.
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