Will 600w PSU be enough for GTX 680 ?

Hey just wondering if that will support a single gtx 680, i was planning on a GTX 670 and was told 600W was plenty so not sure if the jump will make much difference, its my first system and i only had enough to buy half the parts with last months wages so getting the more expensive items like Processor and GPU as well as SSD at the end of the month, do you think it will cope, sorry if you need more info just ask, but basic jist is

Intel i7 3700k mb 3.5GHz
Gtx 680 Evga 2GB
Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo
SanDisk 250gb SSD
Corsair 400r case
Samsung DvD OD
16GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance RAM

thats a link for the PSU, not sure i cheaped out on it now as i was in a rush to make my first :S its still boxed so could return i guess but yeah cheers for reading and maybe the reply!
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  1. Even a high quality 450W PSU would power a build with a GTX 680. So a GS600 is more than enough. No need to return it, as it is a good unit and any alternatives at that price aren't likely to be significantly better.
  2. Wattage of a PSU is almost irrelevant. What really matters is +12V amperage. That PSU has enough of it, but the reason for that has little to do with the total rated wattage.
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