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Game pauses unless mouse is in motion

if i am playing a timed game it will pause if i don't constantly keep the mouse in motion, as long as i wiggle it around it pretty much keeps in sync but the second i stop moving it the game will pause until i move it again at which point it catches up to where everyone else is currently at. I checked the device manager and saw no issues and checked to see if i needed to update the driver and it is using the most updated version. It is a fairly new hp computer hp wired mouse hp keyboard using windows 7. using mozilla firefox browser . i have the current flash player from macromedia which is what the game requires . Any suggestions?
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    So its a web based game, First thing i would be doing is try alternative browsers, IE8/9 and Chrome to see if you experience the same thing across all browsers. If you do then you may be on the right path, assuming its a system issue such as mouse or plugin.
  2. it works fine with IE so i thank you very much for your quick response. Much appreciated
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