Best Place to Buy a Graphics Card?

Posted this in what seems to be the wrong section.
I can't find the section to put this in, sorry.
Trying here instead hoping to get an anwser
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  1. Everybody buys from there.
  2. yeah newegg or tigerdirect is where i buy my stuff from. i have also heard good things about microcenter, but not actually dealt with them. if you want to go through them id read up on it but it sounds like theyre alright.
  3. Microcentre will give the best prices. If you don't live near one, ordering from Newegg, Tigerdirect, or Amazon will work
  4. If you need a B&M, look into a Fry's Electronics, if you have one near you. They have a wide selection and had most of the GTX 670/680 models when I was there last. But they charge sales tax, where Newegg does not.
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