Best $100-$150 CPU?

I am building a computer and all I really need now is a good $100-$150 CPU. I plan to do pretty much only gaming on this computer, and I need a $100-$150 CPU that also won't bottleneck future Graphic cards. Should I go for intel or amd?
I am also looking for a future proof computer. (Socket AM3+ or LGA 1155?)

EDIT: I plan to play the heaviest games, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc.. I am going to be using an HD 7770 also
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  1. fx 6300 am3+
  2. "Future Proof" is a fallacy....What is today's standard will be outdated - the question is how long will it last for. New games, technology, etc., will make even the fastest CPU/Mobo/RAM/SSD/HDD combos irrelevant and outdated over time.

    Your question should have been phrased, "I play these games - what is the best processor I can get for $100-$150 to play them." You may find out that your budget is either too low for the game(s) selected - or depending upon the game, you may be fine....

    Not trying to flame you - but trying to get the information that solves your problem to the best of the community's ability :-)
  3. And the budget for the motherboard ? It's to take in consideration, most good am3+ boards only start at 80$-90$.
    For the cpus in the range, either an i3-3220 from intel or the FX-6300 from amd.
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    The FX 4300 or 6300 are both good choices. The i3 3220 isn't bad either. I would probably go with the FX 4300 since it can be overclocked, unlike the i3 and use the money saved getting the 4300 over the 6300 and getting a better GPU. The 4300 and 6300 are pretty close to each other in gaming performance. Close enough you wouldn't even notice by eye.
  5. I would go with the Intel® Core™ i3-3220 unless I were able to get to a Microcenter in which case I might be able to get the Intel Core i5-3570K for that price.
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  7. FX-6300
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