Currently, I use a straight DVI connection from my PC to my LCD monitor, i.e., DVI-to-DVI. My PC's graphics card also has an HDMI port. I am thinking about replacing my DVI-to-DVI cable with an HDMI-to-DVI cable.

Why would I do this? To make it easier to attach my son's Raspberry Pi to my monitor. The RPi has an HDMI connector. When my son wants to use his RPi with my monitor, it would be easier for him to simply unplug the HDMI cable from my computer and attach it to his RPi. And less chance of bending pins in a DVI connector from frequent unplugging and re-plugging.

My question is: Would using an HDMI-to-DVI cable (3 ft.) adversely affect the video signal going to my monitor vs. a straight DVI-to-DVI cable?
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  1. no, a digital signal is a digital signal. Either the 1's and 0's get to the monitor or they don't .

    You'll still induce some wear on the HDMI plug and cable with all that plugging and unplugging though. Still much easier to do than unscrewing the DVI connector every time.
  2. No. Just buy a good cable and don't pay too much for it at the big name stores. Monoprice has good deals.
  3. HDMI, and DVI are actually the same thing, just the connections are different sizes
  4. Thanks to all for your advice. My next stop is Monoprice.
  5. I'd check amazon, theres always any kind of cable on sale there that you need. I recently got a DVI cable for $3 with shipping, it works great, and a little after that I was looking at an HDMI to DVI cable for $0.33, then $2 shipping. As far as computer parts go, that's all that I buy from Amazon.
  6. A lot of monitors can allow you to leave both the DVI and HDMI cables plugged in, and then you just hit a button, or navigate the menu to switch connections. Depending on how your monitor is, this might be more ideal, so you aren't always unplugging and plugging in the cables.
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