Currently own MS Wireless BlueTrack. Need mouse advice for gaming.


Here is the deal. I own a Microsoft Wireless Explorer BlueTrack. Now, its a 90 dollar mouse. I use it on the arm of my chair (which is black leather) so I have had problems in the past with regular optical mice working on my surface. But, I having a problem with lag.

Now, I am open to moving away from it, even though it was pricey (for a mouse, for me.)

I believe the DPI on this particular mouse is 800DPI

I also realize that it is Wireless, which will cause latency.

I also realize that a leather arm isn't the best surface and will cause dragging. But, that is the one thing that I will not change. So, advice suggesting changing this will obviously be ignored.

Can anyone suggest a wired mouse with 2000DPI or so that is under 40 bucks that will work on nearly any surface as the BlueTrack does?

I saw the Coolmaster CM, but unsure about its surface ability. You guys are the smart ones. Any suggestions?
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  1. I too use a Bluetrack mouse on the arm of the couch and love it. I use the Wireless 5000 and dont have a lag issue but I was wondering if you have tried a wired version?
  2. I have not. But, I really would not like to spend another 70 dollars again. But, it could be a possibility. I just wonder what the CoolMaster CM, even though optical responds to black leather?
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