Which case ?

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a case relatively soon for a new build im working on and need some help choosing please.

My budget is £70 - £110

Components are as follows:

intel core i7 2700k (processor)
radeon 7970 (graphics card)
16gb corsair vengance (ram)
GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H (motherboard)
Corsair builder series 600w (psu)
Corsair H60 (water cooler)

I plan on upgrading the H60 to a H100 at some stage so will need quite a roomy case.

Not too bothered about how it looks as long as its not *ugly*, i just want a well built case with good airflow and cable management.

So far i've found the following cases:

NZXT Phantom Full tower - This one looks very large inside so im fairly certain it would fit a h100
Aerocool X-Predator Evil Full Tower - Looks like it has very good air flow but im not sure about the aerocool quality.
In Win E-ATX GRone - Dont really no much about this one it just caught my attention for some reason
Corsair Carbide Series 400R - Very good reviews for this case but i dont think it can fit a H100

I'm thinking the Phantom full tower is my best bet but id like a second opinon hence posting the thread.
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  1. Either the Coolermaster HAF 922 or 932 are good options as well. Both will handle an H100. I have the 922 myself. Cable management is pretty decent. With my PSU a 932 probably would have been better. My original TX750 Corsair has quite a few cables and they are quite long.


  2. Still reading / watching reviews at the moment before i make my final decision but the HAF has definately caught my attention. Looks like either one would fit the H100 with great airflow and extra fan mounts if i need them. I think i prefer the 922 but i'm also looking at the HAF XM which appears to be the most recent version. I'm also heavily looking at the Aerocool Predator X3 which is confirmed H100 compatible and again with great airflow and extra fan mounts. Its also the same price as the HAF 922.

    Its probably going to be a toss between the aerocool predator and the haf 922 as there both at the low budget end and perform well. I'll still consider the HAFF 932 and HAFF XM but realisticly unless there significantly better id be wise to get the cheaper case and buy extra fans with the £'s saved.
  3. I didn't need to buy extra fans with my 922. The front, top, and rear were enough for me.
  4. Thanks again Logain. I'm tempted to get the HAF 922 as its one of the cheaper cases but i was wondering before i do would the overall verdict be on the following cases, which is the better case.

    HAF 922
    Corsair 400r/500r
    Lancool K62
    NZXT Tempest Evo

    The above are all very similar in features so i'm having a very difficult time choosing one.

    The aerocool predator i've decided to just forget, same with the nzxt phantom as there not that brilliant for airflow.

    Antec p280
    Fractal Design R4

    The two above are primarily aimed at noise reduction which doesnt interest me in the slightest but they do have some nice features and decent airflow.

    And finally theres the In Win Grone which is a full tower with great airflow and many mount locations, even radiators. Reviews seem to put it on par with the corsair 400r/500r.
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