Seek help building a $1200 gaming pc

I am looking to build my first pc, i have some ideas about what i would like to buy but i thought i would consult the pro's. Could someone please help me by designing a pc, or aiding me to decide on some parts for my PC. Also my max budget is $1200.
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  1. Give us more information. What will you use it for? When will you build it? In which country are you located?
  2. Also, do you need a OS? monitor? Will you be overclocking?
  3. Sorry i am new to this forum
    I will be using it for playing games such as borderlands 2 and arma 2
    I want to build it this month probably and i am located in the UK
    Not overclocking
    I do need windows 7 but not a monitor
  4. Anything else you need to know?
  5. Take a look at this, actually came in a bit under budget:

    That is with an overclockable CPU and good cooler. You said you weren't overclocking, so you could save a bit of money on those two items, but I didn't see a place to move the money to that would really get you much more performance, so I left it as is.
  6. Thanks stormweaver
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