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Am Currently looking for an excellent performing but budget-friendly (I think we all look for the same thing don't we? =) ) CD writer at current fastest speed. What brand would you recommend???

Am gonna be using it primarily for home like VCD creation, copying, Audio compilation of MP3 and AudioCD, Back-up.

Am currently setted up with the following specs:
AMD athlon 800
32MB GEforce2 Card
SB AWE32 Sound Card
Aopen 50X CDRom Drive
2.1GB HDD (But am gonna upgrade this real soon to a 20GB 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda ATA)
Jetway 663AS Mainboard
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  1. i have been using make cd-writer over ther year,
    but the best one for sure is my newest pelxtor 24x10x40x
    highly recomendable..
  2. spelling fixed: many cd-writers over the years
  3. My vote is the yamaha 16 12 40

    Peeps complain that it is too loud. What are you a bunch of sallys!!!!!! Fine to me. But hey i work on cars too. SO for all you type that like nice easy music and complete silence....and have no life...well..that is all i have to say about that.

    I am sure many will say plextor..price and noise level wise.

    But then i could be wrong

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  4. you should check out the hp's and creativelabs, also check on what burnning software comes with it try to get nero burning 5 it will aloow you to copy end user agreements!
  5. how bout TDK. I hear they r the best. Just ordered a new 24/10/40/40. Only $135 at
    nice price. Plus its a pretty blue color. Always a plus

    The only one with a true post count!
  6. Ok guys, I got my PlexWriter 24/10/40A about a month ago from one of the vendors at
    I spent about half an hour trying to select the best one, pricewise, and rating wise, because as many of us know not all pricewatch advertisers can be trusted with our credit card's numbers... So after deciding that moreless $200 for a retail box was acceptable (again - a month ago; maybe now it's a couple of dollars less) I wrote down 5-6 vendors and went on to see which one would have deserved my money... that's the only way I *strongly* reccomend to shop online... anyway... you can save your time by going to and get your Plextor there... they weren't fast, because my 2nd day air priority delivery came after a few more days than expected, but at least I got my retail box super wrapped and protected...
    Plus if you get any plextor burner before October 31st, you can go to and print a rebate form of $20...

    just get a plextor, you will be proud of it when you will use it with CloneCD and a copy-protected game (to make a backup, what were you thinking?)

    A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in
    like a computer.
  7. The plextor 24/10/40a TLA #0000 is the only atapi drive to read and write all protections, and it has burn proof. TO get it with TLA 0000(Top level assembly) I suggest you go to and get the OEM one and leave in the comments it has to have TLA 0000 like in the picture.
  8. I agree I think Plextor makes good CDRW drives.
  9. I have an AOpen 12X10X32 and I like it very much.
    Perhaps you can consider it if you're on a tight budget, otherwise go for a plextor.
  10. ok, forgettythatty, pls I need you to explain this to me!!!
    You should have seen me running across my bedroom and grabbing the plextor's retail box after I read your reply...
    and *SIGH* mine it's a TLA#0100...!!! what does that mean? is that very bad? :o( is there any sort of list that describes the various TLA codes and their meaning?
    pls help - I already know I won't sleep tonight

    A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in
    like a computer.
  11. Scorn me for goin off rumors. I'm now pretty sure all the TLAs of the plex 24 can read write everything, but that wasn't the case in the past.
  12. Try the Lite On 24x burner. Performance nearly identical to a 24x Plexwriter at almost half the cost.

    "Laziness is a talent to be cultivated like any other" - Walter Slovotsky
  13. the lite on drive isn't able to read write some protection the plextor can. I forget what though.
  14. Hrrm, that is a possibility. Plextor owns as far as being able to write or read anything under the sun :D

    I bet we record a full album onto a Krispy Kreme donut and a plexwriter would STILL be able to read that sucker ;)

    But as far as general backup purposes, high speed DAE and data extraction, excellent burn proof capabilities and so forth, I think the Lite On's are some of the best deals around.

    "Laziness is a talent to be cultivated like any other" - Walter Slovotsky
  15. Plex just made its first drive ever to read and write all protections and burn audio cds correctly. the 16x can't do secure rom or burn SD2, and all the rest (except a few drives with certain TLA #s that are the 8/2/20 or lower) can't burn SD2 either, and all the plexwriters up to the 8/4/32 burn audio cds that have trouble being read some sony and kenwood cd players. The 24x plex is about the only burner I have really wanted. If the 24x plex were anything but perfect, I would definately get the ltd-163 and the 24102b by liteon. But I have the ltd-163 and the 24x plex.
  16. sorry the 16x plex can't read secure rom, but it can write it. the 16x can't write SD2 though.
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