Cant Process my GoPro Videos

I am (obviously) new to the forum and would like to say hello. I have an issue, though. I got a GoPro hero3 for my birthday and now I am finding my computer can hardly play the video at 720, let alone 1080. I am looking to buy a new Cpu/Mobo and will need ram also. I plan on salvaging other components. (CD drive/1TB HD/Fans/etc). I have a 450W PSU.

--I was browsing and found the phenom II black ed. but I'm not sure what I need and don't want to make a mistake and buy something not powerful enough.

I cannot see myself spending >$250.

Would like to add a video card later on..

If it matters:
3Gb ddr2
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  1. exactly what do you wish to do with the computer other than play 1080 videos from your go pro?
  2. general usage, Facebook, YouTube, online flash games. occasional minecraft/duke nukem. Also with the video, upload to YouTube/or whatever website.

    thank you for trying to help me so far, popatim..
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