Q6600 vs E5300 @4hz on an G31M

So I recently bought a 7770 HD and I've noticed my E5300 @ 3.3ghz can't rly keep up with it (also tried @3.6ghz, still wasn't enough, but it was too hot for me on stock cooling). So I was wondering what would be better for gaming on 1440x900 resolution Q6600 which can hardly be overclocked on a G31M, risk of second hand and about double the cost of an CM 212 EVO or E5300 + CM 212 EVO which will probably hit 4ghz (I think I've been lucky with the chip, I can hit stable 3.6ghz @1.3125V, but too hot duo to stock cooling).

I also plan to buy a completely new rig next year, so this just needs to last 1 year.
Maybe some other cheaper dual core would be better than Q6600? Give me your thoughts :)
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  1. What are you using this system for?

    E7600 may be your best bet for a fast processor at 3.06ghz. You can get it to maybe 3.8ghz which I guess wont be much of a problem since your planning on replacing the system in a year. But honesty I don't think that extra nudge of power makes that big of a difference, but I may not be the right person to ask since I am not a fan of overclocking.

    I saw a nice comparison of overclocked vs Standard clock FPS on overclock.net. This meshes with my experience well. Most games he tested got maybe 5-10 fps better some up to 20, but is that really worth the decreased lifespan of your components? In my opinion no, I would rather get good components to last four or five years than take bad components to their max for 1 year.


    Of course this guy concludes that it is worth the risk, maybe it is, but the extra frames you gain aren't worth the long term stability issues most over clockers see in my opinion.
  2. Im gonna use it for modest gaming.

    I mean even at lowest settings both cores hit 100% and i get about ~30ish fps regardless if its lowest or highest settings (sure some CPU specific settings do make a difference, but very little).
    Meanwhile the GPU is at about 60-70% even at highest settings and literally cries for more power.
  3. Seems I could get a E8400 pretty cheap too. So for now I have 3 options
    1. CM 212 EVO (about 35euro) and push E5300 to the max.
    2. Q6600 (about 60 euro after i sell my cpu) and see how it fares on G31M
    3. E8400 (about 30 euro after i sell my cpu) and OC it a bit on stock
  4. Sounds like the processor may be the bottle neck. Get the one I suggested and test it out.

    The E8400 sounds nice too. I don't think you will see a difference with the q6600, since it is 2.0ghz. Like I said most games don't use all the cores and when they do it is very minimal. I would wait to go quad or more until you can upgrade the whole system.
  5. It depends on what games you are trying to play whether the more cores will benefit you. The E5300 is crippled by its low cache. The E8400 is a superior chip for sure. It also overclocks well and will run cooler than the Q6600. I would also make sure you have no malware on your pc slowing you down. Download and run Malwarbytes if you do not have it. It can catch stuff your antivirus might miss.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not malware. Keep track on all processes and the cores are at 0-5% when not gaming, happens only in certain intensive games (read batman arkham city). Even league of legends hits it to 100% on certain teamfights (is at about 70% normally in league).

    Guess I'll go with the E8400 then. But how well will it OC on an G31M, with only 9x multiplier, since this board can't rly handle high fsb?
  7. I recommend Spybot S&D along with Malwarebytes, those two together will get you a clean system unless you have a serious root virus.
  8. 3.6ghz shouldn't be a problem with an E8400.
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