Wifey dropped her Xoom and now she has crazy pineapple ants crawling a

Last night just before dinner my wife dropped her (sleeping) Xoom from less than a foot onto the hardwood floor. Later that night, she tried to turn it on and all she got was a brighter grey screen. We tried soft resetting it many times and sometimes the light in the upper left would flash white, but the screen never came on.

Tonight, I stripped it down using the instructions on ifixit.com. (Mostly good, I wish they would have explained the ribbon connections a little better) I was hoping there would be a loose connection. I didn't notice anything loose, but when I got things back together and turned it on, I got a screen, just not exactly like I had hoped. It is readable, it just looks like it has crazy pineapple ants all over it.

Any Xoom techs out there? What's it look like to you? [1] http://youtu.be/IUzxBGXliww
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  1. warranty?

    If not through where you purchased it, you can also check your credit card. often you may have a damage warranty benefit and not even know it.
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