Installing case fan in plexiglass?

This may seem like a super noob question, but I am just that when it comes to case modding. I have never before done any serious case mods to my pc and would really like to start doing it purely for better visuals, as most case mods are just that.

I have an Antec 300 Illusion case...and the side panel is completely ultimate goal is to cut out a window of sorts and place some plexiglass in its place. Now, what I can't wrap my head around is how do I install a fan in the plexiglass itself?

I want to buy two 80mm case fans (clear LED) and install them right into the plexiglass when you look at the side of my case there will be a window with the two clear case fans installed but I don't really understand how to accomplish this. I have searched all over youtube and google trying to find installation of case fans in plexiglass and can find nothing, so I am here looking for help! I mean the only thing on the outside of the plexiglass will be 4 mounting screws correct? So should I just cut 4 holes for the screws and then a much larger hold in the plexglass in order for the fans to intake air?

Thanks guys, as someone who has never personally modded and can't find videos on plexiglass fan installation this is difficult for me to visualize and I would like as much information as possible before cutting holes everywhere. Thanks in advance!!

For reference I guess I would like something similar to this
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  1. web sights like this one have printable fan guilds to know where to cut into the glass.
    with the 80mm fans change them out to one larger fan. the smaller 80mm fans make a lot of noise. I would see if 200mm would look good as one fan on the side. with fan on plastic...want short screws and rubber spacer and washer. if you crank down to hard on the screws you snap the plastic.
  2. just remember than any vibrations that come with the fan will rattle like crazy in acrylic or plexi unless you use gromments
  3. Okay that makes sense, how can I utilize gromments
  4. when you drill fan mounting holes in the plexi or arclyic, you put a gromment on those mounting holes to prevent vibration
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