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Greetings comrades, i was wondering how well my new Asus Radeon 6770 HD would work with most new games, do any of you guys have experience with this card and if so what games, i will be predominately be playing skyrim( i have tried playing skyrim with my old GPU Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX)

So if any of you guys could tell me your experiences of this card that would be greatly appreciated and how well they work with up to date games

Im writing this post because I have 2 days left until it is delivered
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  1. Hi

    I have no personal experience with the HD6770 but there are many reviews that show the HD6770 to be a capable card, even with modern games and at 1920 x 1200 with good quality in game settings, good card for the price


    Ooops forgot link:
  2. good card, doesnt use much power, its about as strong as a 4870 if that helps you at all....
  3. I had that with a 2.66 Core 2 Duo. It ran LotRO well at higher (not max) settings, Mass Effect 2 well, Borderlands well. BF3 multiplayer at 1080 with all settings to low ran like a dog. That probably had to do with an old CPU tho.
  4. I have a Intel Quad core 3.3 ad 5GB of ram, how would BF3 or Skyrim run?
  5. im sorry, what kind of intel quad core? and how do you have 5gigs of ram?
  6. I meant 4GB sorry 2x2GB sticks Intel Core2 Quad CPU 3.3Hz
  7. they will run fine. now what C2Q are you running?
  8. Is there an online website that will scan my pc and i can just copy and paste the info ?
  9. doesnt really matter, just never seen a c2q that runs at that speed. device manager would be a good place to look thou
  10. The only problem i am forseeing at the moment is that my operating system still remains the AK-47 of OS's Windows XP
  11. no trouble with XP
  12. Battlefeild 3 isnt compatible with XP
  13. oh, well that stinks huh
  14. You could always download a windows 8 preview, until you can buy an updated OS. Windows 8 will sell for 39.99 upgrade for XP/7 and apparently allow you to install windows 8 or windows 7. (according to Tom's article)

    And I had the HD5770 (same card) worked great played Skyrim at high but only at 1600x1050, 1920x1200 was just too much in skyrim. BF3 Played great at 1600x1050 as well with that card just remember BF3 multi player is MUCH harder on your system than single player. I only played Single player.

  15. Is that 39.99 in USD or British pound sterling?
  16. $39.99 USD according to,16179.html

    online download/install of upgrade$39.99 physical media is $15 more.

    Hopefully they stick with this plan.
  17. i didnt see anywhere that it says you can install 7 or 8.
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