Computer won't display video.

I bought a new motherboard because my last one (MSI 760GM-P23) wouldn't show any video. I just received this one from a friend that worked 30 minutes earlier and this one does not show video either. I tried breadboarding it an no success. I did however get it to beep when I removed my memory. It was one continuous beep and I Googled it and it was memory (Just to be sure). I reseated my memory and cpu. I tried a compatible cpu (AMD Athlon II X2 260) and that did not work either. Put a known working gfx card in. Nothing. Pulled the power supply from my current pc and tried using that one. Still no video. I also tried clearing the cmos and reseating the jumper. yet again, no video. I went through the Tom's Hardware checklist and after making sure every little thing was right. No video. >.< I have no clue what else to do.
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  1. did you put all the driver for the motherboard even when you had the msi one
  2. No, at the time I didn't have a spare cd drive but now that I have one it won't function properly. So I'm pretty sure its the mobo that went bad somehow >.<
  3. you could load them on the board maker with name and model of board for your os the copy them on a usb stick to transfer to the system you need them
  4. Would I be able to do this is I cant get to bios?
  5. did you connect all the power cable on the motherboard the 24 pins and the 4 or 8 pins one also the cpu fan one of them could be not well seated also your memory is compatibility list for that board
  6. I got it. For some reason my motherboard won't accept slim versions of memory. I had a big stick of ddr3 1333 laying around and I popped that in and it loaded to bios :D thanks for your help
  7. what is the name and model of that slim memory
  8. Kingston KVR1066D3N7/4G
  9. Oh ok, well I'm returning it to newegg. I'll be sure to buy the correct one this time :) Thanks.
  10. the one you got now is working at witch speed adding this these are made to fit your board also check your board support dual channel
  11. I actually don't have the MSI mobo anymore. I now have a Biostar A780L3g. I returned the MSI because it was doa.
  12. So can i only have a max of 4gb in my pc?
  13. check if you got ver 6.0 that support up to 8 gig but you could check with them if you dont that version of the board
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