Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti (x2) SLI Question

I read through the SLI FAQ to see if maybe there was an answer to my question, but there wasn't. So as the title says, I current have two GTX 560 Ti's. I had to move them on my MB because they were too close together and the top card's fan was basically right on top of the second card, which wasn't giving them enough room to cool off. I moved the cards further apart on my MB and ordered a longer SLI bridge because of the fact that they were now further apart. Before I received the bridge, I was running games and the primary card would usually average around 75C, topping out at like 81C when it was active, and idle around 55-C60C. Now I have received the bridge and enabled the SLI, and now the top card is running much hotter than before. When running the same games/settings as before, I was seeing the card average 87C and topping out at 91C. The second card was averaging 75C. I guess I have two questions. First, can you guys think of anything SLI related that would make a card start to run much hotter when before the SLI brdige was connected the card seemed to be fine. Second, in the Nvidia software, I have the option to either Disable SLI or Maximize 3D performance, which enables the SLI. My question is, if I don't ever plan on doing gaming across multiple screens, I just have two monitors and I run two separate instances of a game on each separate screen, should I even have SLI enabled? Basically I mainly play WoW, and I have two accounts so I have one instance of wow on each screen. Sorry for the long explanation, just trying to make sure I give the right info. Lastly, this is an Alienware computer, and the alienware software that came installed with the PC lets me control the PCI fans. I've noticed that even when the GPU's are running very hot, the "PCI Fan" never seems to go above 15-20%. Does that sound normal? I have the option to increase the fan from 10%-100% but I wasn't sure if that was something I should be doing manually or just let the software control it?
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  1. I whould increase the fans speed to about 40% then see how the temps run.
    anything above 60% (i think) will make more noise so you have to find the balance between good temps and noise.
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