Suggested Repair to Gateway E-265M Laptop

I have a Gateway E-265M laptop. It suddenly went dead. I cannot see any front light showing it charging and it won't start at all. I think there must be some power supply problem inside and am seeking input as to what repairs I should try. Let me know your suggestions -- really would appreciate your input.

Also, if you think this machine could run Windows 7 let me know (it has XP on it now).

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your response!
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  1. First thing here, you want to ensure your external power pack is working - is the light on on the power pack? Do you have access to a digital multimeter?
    A fairly common issue on laptops is the power jack becomes broken or shorted - repair is possible with basic soldering skills (and some care). This video shows what is involved in disassembly. If you can wiggle the power jack or the power adapter seems as though it isn't plugging in right, that's probably the issue.
    It could also be an issue with the internal power distribution - much harder to trace, may be impossible to fix economically. I found another video which is more generic which may also help.
    Neither video appears to be all-encompassing so if any questions, ask away.
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