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Had a duel boot system with Vista and XP. Son worked on computer, shut it down, wife turned it on and no disk found. Decided it was time to install Win 7 that I had. Pull old drive, installed new hard drive and put Win 7 on it. If I plug old drive in via USB docking station, it Win 7 sees a drive when I use drive management, but cannot access it. Need to get some pics and a few files, is there a way to get NTFS file system to be read (don't think it was a virus but may have been). No abnormal sound from old hard drive (so I dont think it is damaged, just file system error). Any suggestions?
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  1. Disk manager cannot initialize the disk... my guess is fried circuit board, guess I will see if I can find like drive cheaply and switch out boards. Anyone else have suggestion?
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