My power supply won't turn my system on.

The power switch doesn't work.

The lights on the mobo are on when I flip the switch on the power supply, but pressing the power switch on the case does nothing. I made sure everything inside the case is connected, even all of the case plug-ins. I tried a different power supply on this system and it worked fine.

Is there something wrong with the power supply itself? I would assume not because the lights in the mobo turn on, but then again, tested with a different power supply I can get my system running. Anyone know exactly what the problem is?
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  1. check all the power cable on the board does this one use a 4 or 8 pins connector and the 24 pins atx also ,look at the front panel connector from case to board if they are in the good one and not mix up
  2. check that the new power supply your not trying to power the 4/8 pin connector with the 6 plus 2 pci video plug. most power supply have two 4 pin plugs that make up an 8 pin connector. also check on the back of the power supply to see that if there a red voltage switch on the power supply. sometime the switch not set right from shipping. if your in the us make sure it set to 110v.
  3. Well, what are your system specifications?
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