Packard Bell Pack-Mate 6593CD

OK guys, I am going way back here.

So I got this old Packard Bell Pack-Mate 6539CD from someone. I thought it would be cool to load Windows 3.1 on it. Yes, I said Windows 3.1. I know I have to install DOS first so I put together a DOS 6.22 floppy in and started from there. I receive the following prompt when I proceed with the DOS install:

Device driver not found :'BANANA'
No valid CDROM device drivers selected

I know BANANA is a generic name but it seems I need the CDROM driver on the bootdisk. Does anyone know where I can find a driver that would work?

Additional info:
Packard Bell Pack-Mate 6539CD
S/N: N453114329

Numbers on CD ROM drive:

Thanks for any info!
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  1. If anyone cares...haha

    Creat DOS 6.22 install disks
    Downloaded DOS 6.22 from MS Technet
    Connect floppy drive to VM
    In xp vm create DOS 6.22 disks, make14.bat a:

    Install DOS
    Put first disk in and boot up
    Get to DOS install press F3 to exit DOS install
    At cmd prompt run FDISK
    Format hd, format c: /s
    Get to c:/ prompt create folder named DOS, mdir DOS
    Get to a:/ prompt copy first disk to DOS folder. copy a:/ c:/DOS
    Reboot with first disk in drive and continue with DOS install.
    Installer will think DOS is already on the PC and select to continue with install
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