What is the best CPU to use to run ESXi environment?

Noob here,
I am putting together a dev system used to run abour 6 VMs with MSSQL being the powerhouse. what is the best CPU to use for this, AMD 8 core, i5 or quad core Phenom?
I have the following hardware:
32G DDR3 1600 memory
750 watt ps
4-1t HDD in a Raid 10 configuration
AYX case,
I wouldn't mind sing a MB with built in graphics since I will be connecting remotely most of the time.

What do you guys think?
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  1. You would get more bang for the buck out of a server CPU like the phenom.


    With this you will get 16 cores and 16mb l2 cache.

    This is if you want a stable system that can be relied upon. If you are on a budget you can go with a desktop processor and get the same amount of power for allot less money.
  2. the serve CPU is a bit beyond my budget, what do you recommend for a desktop CPU/mobo?
  3. Most of the time I would recommend an AMD solution, but in this case I would say the Intel 3930 is your best option. It has 6 cores but it thinks it has 12. The more data you can move the better your vm experience will be. So with 6 machines each will get 1 physical CPU and one virtual. That should give you some great performance.
  4. its realy hard to say without knowing the size of the data or haw hard the VM's will be getting hit...
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