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Hey guys
Just wondering - if I buy an LGA1155 CPU & a LGA1155 motherboard, will that affect the tower that I buy?
I wanted to get a full tower for sure... but does it matter which one?
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    The socket type is irrelevant when selecting a case. The details to look at are:
    1. Clearances: if you have (or are considering) large components, such as a tall heatsink, a long video card, or an EATX motherboard, you need to make sure they'll fit.
    2. Airflow
    3. Aesthetics (deciding whether you like the appearance of the case)
  2. OK I want probably a liquid cooler for my CPU, and an Nvidia GTX 670 or maybe 2x GTX 660 in SLI.
    SSD instead of HDD...
    and what was that about the motherboard?! I don't even know, sorry...
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