400$ budget and I need a hard-drive also?

Well, I was planning on getting a GTX 670, but my hard drive f'ed up a few days ago(the ground pins are completely broken off, doesn't seem like it is fixable) so now I need to spend $100 of that money for a hard-drive. I wanted to get some opinions on what I should do.

I have a 1920x1080 monitor, an i5 3570k and I really would like to play most games (skyrim,bf3 etc) on 60fps+. I also want a nvidia card instead of an ati card because I've had issues with ATI in the past.

So any thoughts? I hear the 660ti is coming out on the 16th, but does anyone think that will meet my needs? If you have any gpu/hard-drive suggestions please tell me. Again, keep in mind, my budget is $400. If you can find me a hard-drive and give me a suggestion the the graphic's card that will let me play my games very well with my resolution, I will greatly appreciate it.
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