First time download always getting cancelled after few minutes

Please Help me.

I have some problem with downloading. I can't find the exact cause for this trouble.

Whenever I download some files from internet(egs:megaupload), the download continues for few minutes(usually less than 6 minutes) and gets cancelled. I am using Internet Download Manager and received this message whenever the download gets stopped:

"The data transfer has been interrupted and the server does not support "resume". It's only possible to download the file from the beginning.

I tried downloading through browsers chrome and Firefox but still the download gets cancelled. There were days when these issues didn't happen but generally everytime this problem crops up whenever I start my downloading.

I am using windows 7 and connect to internet through cable modem. I suspect it of some background program but I can't find which program causes the trouble.

Contact me if anyone needs some extra info I missed. I hope it's a minor issue and not related to hardware.
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  1. A couple of places to check
    1. Do you have another computer to try with, if so try and download the same file with that and see if the problem persists. If so it's either your hardware or your ISP, if it doesn't it's probably some issue with your computer software not hardware
    2. Try and disable any firewalls and antivirus as this can block downloads.
  2. For the past few days, I was trying to observe some patterns.
    Usually if I start downloading at 5:00 AM, the downloads get cancellled around 5:20-5:30. Even if I start downloading @ 5:20, the download won't continue after 5:30.

    I called my ISP and they told that there is no problem or disruption with their service during that time.

    After my initial downloads are cancelled, I can continue download without any interruption. It's only with my first time downloads( even if I am downloading a single file or multiple files, it doesn't matter).
  3. I forgot to add few things:

    1) I have a problem with my bios for a long time. Every time when I start my computer, I get a bios error message that system date and time and all other bios settings are resetted. First I thought its a cmos battery issue and changed it. However even after changing my battery for 4 times, the problem still persists and I had to manually update my date and time every time when I log into windows.
    I had this problem for more than 1 year and suspects its a mother board issue.

    2) Last day the system suddenly offed while working. I never had this issue before. I tried to start my system again and again however it didn't. When I press my power button in System Unit, the system lights lights for few seconds and I heard usual rotating sounds from inside my system unit. However it dies after a few seconds. I opened the case and found that my cpu fan is not rotating. With a screw driver I tried to rotate the fans and the fans started working. When I pressed my power button again, the system started working normally.

    My computer is more than 3 years working. All these years, my system worked for more than 5 hours daily. Recently I replaced my 3 year old 1 GB ram with new Adata 2 GB Ram. After that my system started acting weirdly for a few days like non-stop bootscreen etc..

    I also feel underpowering in my computer.
  4. I vote that it is your browser causing the problem and you are using a download manager.

    Most of the file sharing sites do not allow download managers on free downloads.

    Firefox has a bad problem of falling asleep during downloads. If you have a site on screen during download and you keep clicking the refresh button every 30 seconds or so it will stay awake. I tried to supply a bug feedback to Mozilla about this but their feedback site seems to be asleep too.

    Use Internet Explorer to do a download and see if you have better luck, it works perfect for me when all others fail. IE doesn't support resume, but the file sharing sites free downloads don't either so it doesn't matter.

  5. But my chrome downloads too fails at the same time when other downloads of Firefox and Internet Download Manager fails. I don't suspect a browser or download manager issue.
  6. octoberqueen said:
    But my chrome downloads too fails at the same time when other downloads of Firefox and Internet Download Manager fails. I don't suspect a browser or download manager issue.

    Then try IE.

  7. Now the problem is not coming. I think its temporary. I will post more details when it occurs again.
  8. Can it be a RAM issue.
    Because when I swapped my RAM, the problem is disappeared. I don't know whether its temporary but...
  9. If it was a RAM problem, more than just your download would stop. :cry:
  10. :hello: Am Also facing The Same Problem..
    But the reason am using my college WiFi so they made some setting through FortiGuard Web Blocker. Nd Thats y we can't download anything. When downloading aftr few seconds that msg will display. . . :pfff: :fou:
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