RPM For PSU Fan?

I was wondering what a normal RPM for my PSU would be since I'm setting up some custom prfiles in AI suite to make a little less noise at night. This is the PSU that I currently have. I want to try and leave it at something that won't be loud but will be fine for playing games for an extended period of time.

Edit: I think mine is currently running at 950-1000
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  1. The fan speed of the PSU should be 0 RPM until you draw more than 150 Watts from the HX750 power supply then it will turn on.
  2. OK, but is a max of 1000 RPM good for having the PC under load? It's like 21.3 C ambient in my room.
  3. How are you controlling the PSU's cooling fan?
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    Link is broke, but I'm guessing its the HX750 mentioned by Ko888.

    1000RPM is fairly slow by fan standards, you wouldn't be able to hear it. Chances are whatever noise it does make will be drowned out by the CPU and graphics card coolers.
    It will cool itself just fine.
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